Chalfontes He loves me (US Mercury original northern soul)



Chalfontes He loves me/Confessin’ my love to you (US Mercury original northern soul)

Classic uptempo northern soul dancer. This is what could be referred to as a “wounded copy” – but despite looking pretty rough (I would grade it just about VG-) it actually sounds great and plays fine. Not one for the rare soul museum, but definitely one for the DJ who wants it to sound good enough to get the floor going – which it definitely does.  It’s a styrene pressing and it’s often the case that styrene can sounds brilliant even when it looks like it has been run over by a truck. (To be fair, you can also sometimes get styrene records that look mint but sound shocking as well).

Note the labels also have wear, mottling, writing and general scruffiness. As said, this is a great DJing copy, not one for the archive.  Money back if not satisfied.

I actually prefer the flip side “Confessing my love for you”. This has a few pops at the start but once it gets going, again, sounds great.

Additional information

Weight 140 kg

Tamla T-54132